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Sophie Turner - Vanidad Magazine - April 2014

I don´t love my followers because they follow me


 I love them because:

  • a “like” in a post that took me time makes my day
  • a *hugs* when I’m sad can make all the difference
  • the effort to go on my ask box and talk to me makes me feel like I’m worth of something
  • And because when you reblog something and fangirl with me I don´t feel so alone

So thank you for following me

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stop using hettienne park’s article to shut people down by calling them “stupid” and “moronic” for having valid criticisms of the show 

she doesn’t dismiss those concerns in her article and addresses them as completely valid so like



Hettienne Park (Beverly Katz) made a wonderful post about her views on Beverly’s death and the hate that has been directed at Bryan Fuller because of it. 

You can read it here. I strongly encourage everyone to. 


i want hannibal to say “you are what you eat” and stare directly into the camera for 15 seconds without blinking 

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The cast and crew of ‘12 Years a Slave’ celebrate after winning the Best Picture award onstage during the 86th Annual Academy Awards

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